Child grows in shishu vatika with bold and beautiful cultured and nurtured lap. She is further transformed Balika Vidya Mandir which is not just a name but is a temple. Why we call it a temple because we consider “ SHIKSHARTH AAO SEWARTH JAAO” In Balika Viyda Mandir we learn moral ,spiritual technical and physical education. In the initial years of the child the brain develops as fastest speed so this depends on us either we want our child like Swami Viveka Nand or just an ordinary person. Once a girl child completes Vth std education she is being introduced new developmental organized plans which teaches LEARNING FOR EARNING which is the most important part of life. Shiksha Bharti does not believe to create young one to have degree holder with unemployment but we want they should learn to earn.

We further have a Rock Ambition with High Dream and work is going on for i.e. Shiksha Bharti is running an education program for the girls students of North East(Seven Sisters) such as Assam, Manipur,Mizoram,Meghalya,Tripura, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. These states are full of Natural Calamities where a regular education seems to be very tough for those who can not afford so at Shiksha Bharti we have arrangements for girls hostel and at Balika Vidya Mandir we provide education to such girls students Free of Cost. Shiksha Bharti has its own Gaushala and a garden of medicinal plants. This garden of medicinal plants is absolutely according to the principles of Ayurveda which explains :-
1- Swachh Mann
2- Swachh Tann
3- Swachh Dhann
Which again explains our determination to provide the female Learnings.