Who We are

Smt. Brahmadevi Saraswati Balika Vidya Mandir (Best CBSE School for Girls in Hapur) is determined to pave the way for all around development of girls. This school is located on the way to Modinagar covering one lakh square yard of land in harmonies atmosphere.The school is providing value education to the girls from I to XII standard. Education is imparting through modern technologies like e-learning, online test, smart classes. The right development of the society inhabitating at any part of the earth occurs by the education system of that place. Quality education is essential to give the right and proper direction to the society. The society is run by only two- males and females, whose proper development, rights and duties have always been respected from the ancient time in our country. But in the medical period there was the short ratio in the education system of girls. According to statistical record the matter is to be worried. The girls education is far important than the boy’s education because the boy educates only one family with sacraments while the girls makes three families.

Shiksha Bharati has come into existence due to this touch. Shiksha Bharati is a dedicated organisation for the girl’s education. By the grace of God Shiksha Bharati has got the cooperation of educationists, dedicated and great personalities as a Guide, Donors, Management and well wishers due to them, Shiksha Bharati is advancing ahead rapidly to get its aim. The hypothesis of the people concerned with Shiksha Bharati is that the girls studying under it may become self-reliant, patriot and self-dependent with strong character. So that they not only get their identity in India but in the whole world also and this campus may become a mediated place for the girl’s all-round development.

What We Do?

Physical Training

Apart from the 400 meter running track within the school campus there is an arrangement for several other games which include physical exercise for girls, Yoga, Pranayam, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Basketball etc.

Vocational Training

Arrangements have been made for training the students in several job oriented activities/courses like drawing, cookery, music, stitching, embroidery, knitting, photography and food preservation. This is done with an objective to create and encourage various talents among the students.

Mental Training

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Moral Training

Prayer, meditation, yoga discourses from religious scriptures, biographies of the great leaders help to create faith among students in Indian culture and Philosophy which is the basis of the Indian way of life.

Our Mission

To prepare and implement educational, health and skill development plans and programmes.


To organise awareness programmes for prevention of Foeticide and for rural development.


To identify and reach out to prioritized groups viz. girls in tribal areas,rural and urban poor girls


To provide education and training for skill up gradation to girls and women belonging to underprivileged society.



Meet Our Teem


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